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Worship group profiles
Praise ye the Lord-Modern Worship

This page is where I give a some info on certain worhip leaders/bands. If you have a band or worship leader that you would like to see have a profile here, write one and e-mail it to me or let me know and I'll try to dig up some info.

Lindel Cooley:


Lindell cooley: His group/ministry is also known as MMI[Music Missions International.] Lindell is the worship leader at Brownsville Assembly of God.   He's really a man after God's own heart, not aiming to please the people but give God the best possible worship.  Lindell has quickly grown to be a popular name in the worship world.  He's released a pair of albums under the Integrity label, the rest of which came out through his own ministry.  One of Lindell's first songs that he recorded "I Need You More" has become a popular song around the world, and the new songs he has written from his album "Open Up the Sky" are bound to become very well known.  


Integrity is not necessarily a group or band, but a major distributor of worship music around the world, in fact, they are probably the largest distributor of worship music in the world. They have signed artists all the way from Hillsongs to Darrell Evans. Integrity provides great exposure to their artists. They are also a part of the WOW worship series. Integrity is also part of cruises with some of their artits as well as the The Integrity Worship Institute to train worship leader in a 5-year course.


Vineyard Music is a label that releases a cd about every 4 months.  Vineyard is actually a church denomination, and they have come up with their own music as well, and the Vineyard leaders continue to influence the world with songs like "Light the Fire Again", "Hungry", "Surrender", and the new song/cd "Holy"
Vineyard has many worship leaders, and I won't attempt to name all of them, but some of the well-known names are David Ruis, Brian Doerkson, Dan Wilt, Jesse Lane, Andy Park, Brenton Brown, and Ryan Delmore.
If you had to pick there most popular album it would probably be "Hungry" even though others would disagree with that choice. My personal favorite is "Holy"


Matt Redman, who is part of a ministry called Soul Survivor, is a very influential worship leader; I'm sure you have heard of his song "The Heart of Worship" or "Let Everything that has Breath". He writes a lot of fairly simple songs, with very intimate lyrics. Matt has released a couple of his own albums under the Soul Survivor/Worship Together labels. His most recent is The Father's Song. Matt has also been featured on many other albums including the live Soul Survivor cds recorded in the UK, and also a Worship Together album that was recorded in California, just to name a few. Redman also has written a book called The Unquenchable Worshipper; it's a must read. If you aren't too familiar with Matt Redman, you heard it from me-check some of his music out-I'm sure you will like some of it!


You can hardly be a Christian these days and not have been influenced in some way by Delirious.  The band started out known as the Cutting Edge(their first album) Band but they later changed their name to the present Delirious.  The band started out writing some songs but then  decided to put them on a cd to share their God-given talents with the world.  And share with the world is exactly what they did; Delirious has many times been said to be the catalyst  in the modern worship music movement, and most people can agree with that when you see how many of their songs are sung in churches every Sunday.  But D? isn't a "church" only band,  they have singles played on mainstream radio in the UK, 7 of their singles have been in the top 40.  Delirious seems to be writing their songs recently for the mainstream market and not the worship scene, but with the D? boys you never know what their future holds.  They changed the way I listen to music, and if you haven't gave them a listen yet, make sure you do!


When some of your biggest fans are Deliriou5 and Newsboys, you know youve made it! Martin, John and Darryl reign from Durban, South Africa and have toured with the likes of Sonicflood and Rebecca St. James. After touring extensively in the U.K. and Africa, Inpop Records signed them after hearing a demo. With their self-entitiled debut U.S. album, they won a Dove Award for Best Rock Album of The Year. Tree63 has performed in tiny towns to huge Aquire The Fires all over the U.S. They will take a short break home during the month of July and come back to the U.S. for a Youth Evangelism Conference in San Antonio, TX and a few more dates in California. With Johns wife heading the booth at most of the tour venues you can tell the love John has for his wife. Darryl is drummer and is one awesome guy! Martin is bass guitar and John is on main vocals and guitar.

Written By Tyler Rogers.

Hillsongs music:

Located in the land down under, Hillsongs is one of the most influential worship bands in the world. Their lead singer is usualy Darlene Zschech, although they occassionaly have different singers on their albums; Reuben Morgan or Marty sampson to name a couple. They have written some very popular songs like "Shout to the Lord" and "Potter's Hand" among many others..... they also have youth cds that ROCK and conferences each year. I can't think of much more to say about Hillsongs, so try a few of their cds and see if you likt their style!


Click here to visit Hillsong's homepage!

DaRreLl EvAnS:


I received this review from Steve Smith:

A pioneer in pushing mainstream contemporary worship music to new depths of intimacy, Darrell Evans is reportedly in the studio preparing for the release of his fourth major CD this fall. Evans, who came to Christ at age 11 and began writing songs at 14, is best known for his Dove Award-winning project, "Let The River Flow," released in 1997 by Hosanna! Music. Other favorites among hungry
worshipers are "Freedom" (from the album of the same title, under Integrity's Vertical Music label), "Favorite Friend," and "Trading My Sorrows." For the hungry-for-more worshiper, Darrell's lyrics are a jolting change of pace--penetrating, focusing on total surrender, a passionately expressed need for God, and even a desire to dance before the Lord.

Having a childlike heart, Evans says, is key to developing a more intimate relationship with and worship for God. In an interview with Ministries Today magazine (September 1997), Evans said, "There was a time you'd never find me dancing or shouting." But as he became willing to trust and seek the Lord more, Evans says God started freeing him from what others would think about his expressions of intimacy with his heavenly Father. "I learned there is such freedom in letting go of yourself and having a childlike heart
before God. That kind of heart doesn't care about what society thinks is appropriate for worship. I've got pictures in my mind of being with the Lord in a field, and He's swinging me around. And I'm thinking, 'nothing else matters.'"

More and more, Evans says, the Church is beginning to understand that worship is "simply you enjoying God and Him enjoying you."

Darrell along with wife Gayla live in Broken Arrow, OK, where he heads River Flow Ministries. (www.darrellevans.com)