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Prayer Requests
Praise ye the Lord-Modern Worship

Jesus hears our prayers!

Prayer requests will be posted on this page. If you have any request please use the link to send it to me!
And when God answers your prayer please let me know so we can praise God with you too :]!

Send your requests here!get this gear!

I usually check my mail more than once a day, so your requests should be posted within 24 hours, unless technical difficulties prohibit me from receiving your request.
If you would rather only I see your request please tell me and I won't put it up here. Thanks!

Submitted prayer requests:

Please pray that my dad gets the new job he is applying for. He is really unhappy at his current job and because of it my family has to keep relocating and it is very hard on me and my brother. Also, please pray for my mother because she is always in pain and has bad back problems and needs surgery. She isn't suppose to exercise or work since it is so hard on her back and painful. She also has a constant pain in her chest and has been to the doctor several times for it, but they haven't found the source of her pain. Thank you, God Bless.

I have been talking to my ex husband about the possibility about getting back together.  Please pray...we have a daughter, and I wantmy family back...

Me and my wife and son are separated. We have been together over 9 years, married for 6 years. I have really treated my wife awful through the years and she has treated me as it say's to in the bible. I have bet her and a few times in front of my son. We have separated a few times. I never knew when I would stop. I have never told my wife I would never do it again, I have always told her it's her choice because I cannot say it and be honest. Know I have told her I will never do it again and mean it, but I stuck in a spiritual battle and I'm honest with my wife and it concerns her. We do not live together. Jesus has told me not to hit her or yell at her again. I have done what Jesus has said. We have argued and I let her let it out, I know she has allot of mixed feelings right now. It seems we are doing fine, but I'm continually attacked by the spirits. I have fornicated with adult books and adult magazines until I felt the Lord yell at me and told me I was going to look at m!
y sisters and his daughters like this any more. He said to focus on my wife, which I should of, done in the beginning, but I cannot change the past. I have seen my wife visually for years with other men and often heard her voice. Jesus has told me she is faithful, but I continually daily have visions of her being with a man. My body shakes my fluids drip from my privates and I hear and see complete sex. I have allot of spirits on me I fell them continually in my body. I listened to the sprits when they said it happened and every time I say it didn't happen I'm attacked. I been bruised and my getting blood clots in face from the pressure the sprits place on me. They actually squeeze my head. I feel like they are going to kill me, and I see different spirits daily when the spirits release. I have let them really overtake my body. They say they will not stop until I give my wife a divorce and sometimes I even shown things like maybe she would be better of with another, and I fa!
ll in to their trap because they continually condemn me over !
the past things I have done and they add allot of lies and foolish me I think maybe with all the things I have done maybe I am not worthy. I continually see officers, government leaders, preachers, and inmates, and friends and the spirits continually 24 hours a day are going over my past that I have done to my wife and shown my son. Jesus told me I was the seed of David and I was to prepare the way for his worship, but the spirits take everything Jesus said and turn into hogwash saying I'll kill Jesus if he saves a man like you, I am not worshipping no Jesus if he saves a man like you, and finally do you really think Jesus will save you< but if you divorce you're wife maybe wife and leave them alone then maybe Jesus will save you and let her go on and find another man or live her life without you. Jesus told me that what I'm going through no one else could handle it and that I was being punished by people the visions and shaking were the devil and Satan and the sex I see wit!
h my wife and another man is wickedness by man. I'm really lost for words and understanding. In my head I honestly feel and see the people as I feel their sprits. I feel them in my body as if they are trying to actually live in me.
They say racist words daily, and call my wife names anything they can do really, and it like I really can't see Jesus and when I do it like people have decided that me and my wife and son will not be family and I must get a divorce, then it turns it into well you know no one will ever believe you, do you really think Jesus will and can help and does he have enough blood to cover you're problems. When I try to prey it out it turns into a global mess, It will end up as if my son is the messiah and can I really protect my family and did I, and I'm the lost cursed father taking in the curses of the world and the adulterer Jesus hands over to Satan. Now Jesus gave me life, and allot people see allot of things on me at church saying stuff like I'm a dancer for nations for God. God wants to rebuild my mind completely, God's playing hide and seek with me. And I really can't find him and I can only see hell and fell as if I am already there.
Woman spirits and man spirits rape me. I smell all the way from drugs, flesh, body odor, and very rarely sweet smells and ever time I see visions the spirits start instidacating is that you're wife, and just weird stuff. Honestly I can't see my way out of it and can't even find God or Jesus anymore, I stick to daily readings and try to praise with songs, some of the sprits erase my thoughts, and I continually say I love God and Jesus no matter what happens even if I go to hell or if I am thrown away as trash. While the sprits condemn the Holy of holies while I praise, worship, work, sleep and I gain more spirits daily and rarely do I see Christian spirits. Please prey for my wife and son and myself for present and future.

Carol has work related injuries, and was fired for being out of work because of them. Would you all please pray that Carol's attorney will get more aggressive? She needs her back pay, and to be compensated for her loss of job and loss of health, and her medical bills now and future. Her attorney needs to start returning phone calls, and pushing the other side to get things over with. This has gone on for over 2 years. God knows what she needs, please pray God to move on this case in a mighty way. Thank you.

Would you also please pray for Matthew, that he ponder and think on Jesus, and really listen to Jesus eavery day. To resist temptation and to let Jesus guide him and lead him. For God to keep him safe each day and night. Thank you.

For Danny to develop new business, and to meet and exceed his goal each week at his job. For him to make a much better salary. For him to find favor with his boss and company. Thank you.

I have a sister who is in the hospital; she will have been there for a year in September.  She is in a coma.  She is 38yrs old.  I don't know if she knows the Lord.  Please pray that somehow, she will not leave here without knowing Him as Saviour.  Please pray for my mother, also.  She visits the hospital everyday.  She is 78yrs old.  There are only two of us who are helping my mother.

I also have a sister in Christ who has cancer.  Her name is Earlean.  She is back in the hospital.  Please pray for mercy and comfort.  Please pray that the doctor will have a genuine concern for her well being. 

Please pray for my sister.  Her grandson, my great nehpew, has been sent to Africa to be taught the Islamic religion.  He is only 10 years old.    He was originally told that would be able to return home when he was ready to leave, but his father, my nephew, refuses to bring him home until June; He has been there for about two months. On last evening, May 1, my sister tried to contact her grandson to see how he is.  He has been moved from the original site.  Her contact told her that the living conditions are not good and that he is sad and wants to return home.  Please pray that his father and mother will bring him home.  Pray for his protection.  Pray that this experience will help him to see the truth of Christianity and the lie of Islam. 

Hey Everyone - I am 14 and Live in Australia. Recently my parents have divorced and things are very bitter. I have drifted away from God and am trying to sort myself out. Please pray for me and my family. Life is just way too hard.....................

please pray for kenny and nona that god restore theior relationship and remove all bitterness
from kenny's heart. thnak you

Please pray for our Grandson Colby to be allowed to come back to the home where he is loved and
not neglected and abused. We have did all we can to help him. And pray day and night. Please
pray for our family.
There are too many illnesses.Please pray for the salvation of all our loved ones.

To the Body of Christ,

Please pray that the curse of poverty be lifted from our family.
My husband and I have four children and it is getting very difficult
to maintain. We are both unemployed with mounting bills and several threats
of utility shut-offs. We need God to step into our lives and deliver us. We need a prosperity
blessing from God in our lives today!

Thank you and may God bless you,

Denise McMillian
Detroit, MI

Pray that God will bless those who persecute me and my family and pray that God will have a
miracle for my financial problems. Pray that God will help me make a decision on a promotion on
my job. Pray for my children that God will take care of them and keep them walking in his path.

I am still going through this horrible crisis in my life..I have passed a
lie detector test 3 time and I need a dismissal of a crime that I did not
commit..they have given me a new court date of 1-28-02..My attorney had an
appointment with the DA this week to see if he can get this dropped..Please
pray that the truth will come out and that this charge gets dropped..Thank
you Susan

I was disrespectful to the Lord. I doubted him and challenged him to prove to me he existed. I
am so sorry for what I did. I was angry and took it out on God and Jesus. I want to be
forgiven by both God and Jesus. Please forgive me. I think God has stopped listening to me
since I commited by blasphemy. I want to be in his grace again. Please forgive me.

I am very ill with a deadly disease & have very, very little energy. I am also in a very abusive
relatiionship of which I am trying to get out of, but my health has prevented me so far. I
really need prayer for healing & to escape from this prison in which I live. I have lost my son
because of this relationship & do not want to loose anything else on account of it. I have also
lost a lot of myself, not being allowed to be myself, but being told who I am. The Name of the
Lord is not allowed in this house, so I have a hard time with my relationship with the Lord
because of it also. I need to get out! Please pray for me to have the courage to leave in spite
of my health & not to worry about things so much. Thank you so very much.

please pray for God's mercy on my daughter amanda rankin, for mercy to be placed into the hearts
of those who sit in judgement of her,for doug's heart to be convicted into telling the truth and
for God's guidance, understanding and wisdom for her lawyers. also please pray for jermey and
doug's salvation.
thank you and may God richly bless you

I have prayed for a medical and financial miracle now I am waiting on the Lord for my answer!
Please join me in Thanking ,worshiping and praising God,because I know He will answer. I will
have everything I need in Jesus Name. He is so good! Ilove Him with all my heart!Thank you. BC

My youth Group is starting a teen worship service. It is an outreach to unsaved teens and a
time of worship and fellowship for saved teens. We will be playing modern worship like Skillet
and Sonic Flood. Please prayer that we will reach people and also that we don't face opposition
from our church. We are from garfield Hts. Ohio. Thanks.

please pray for me my name is nona i really need a job soon. thank you

Please, pray for sister Delores Bellamy. Who is having surgery on her eye. Do to a blinding side
effect from a cataract surgery! Surgery date: 11-14-2001 Thank you and God bless

Mike Redmon

please pray that financially I can pay my bills so I do not lose my house or my car.Please pray for me.Thank you

please pray that the man I love and I continue spending time together to further grow our relationship into marriage.Please let Ted and I continue a beautiful relationship together.Please pray for me. Thank you

I am asking for prayer for my friends Robert Alb.( who was not at all touched or bothered by what happened on Sept. 11th,that scares me),Tommy, Patrick, John, Harold,George and Karen. Lord I pray that you would do whatever it takes to get their attention if it be to have visions of
hell or to take in the smell of what hell's flame is ..give them all a dose of reality of where their lives are going....Lord I pray that you would press deep into their hearts and soul....I pray and claim victory for the salvation of their souls...Lord I also pray for blessings of a new house, new job, and new friends for Karen and Patrick in Seattle , Washington....I claim that victory for them in Jesus name AMEN...

Please pray for my four-year-old son, Sam, who has a severe bone disorder. The doctors say that there is no treatment and he may be facing future surgeries, as well as, pain. Right now he is going through an episode of intense pain in his left hip and leg. Pray that God will heal my little boy. Also, I have been very sick with a virus that has affected my lungs. I cannot breathe at times. Pray that I do not spread this to my children. I can't work because I am sick and we need the money. God bless you.

please pray that my 9 year old daughter dani be completely healed of the lymphangioma that is swelling the right side of her face. please pray the swelling go down. dani is an amazing child of God. She adores jesus. thank you

Please pray for God to break the stronghold that satan has placed upon my body. I am very obese and I have diabetes as a result. I need to loose about 80 pounds in order to be at a healthy size. Please ask God to release my body from satan's grip so I can reach my goal and that I will glorify Him for every pound that I loose. Your prayer's are greatly appreciated.

Please pray for the restoration of my marriage. My husband Steve has been gone four months. He
is fighting a spiritual battle. Please Lord, give him a heart of forgiveness and love. Take
away all the anger and the desire to drink. First may he come back to you Lord and then to me
and the children. We give you all the glory and honor for this answered prayer. In Jesus Name
A-men. Pam, Texas

Please pray for God to deliver me from the bondage of sin that is coming between our relationship. Please ask God to remove all desires from my heart that are unclean and immoral. Please ask God to free my heart for Him In The mighty Name of Jesus. Thank you. Bobbie Ann Smith

Please pray for my father which has cancer.His name is Robert Woody.The doctor has given him
up,but we have not as long as Jesus is on the Throne.We will not give up. We are believing in a
miracle. Please pray with us. Love your sister in Christ

I have many unsaved family members that need prayer. Thank you!

Believe and you will Recieve!