A little about me!


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A little about me!
Praise ye the Lord-Modern Worship

About me:

First off, I want to say thanks to my parents and my friends for being an encouragement to me in my life and for some great ideas for my site!
Alright, I will try to keep this short and interesting!
My name is Adam. I'm 15 years old and reside in the frozen north[Wisconsin, USA.] I have been a "Christian" most of my life but didn't get on fire for Jesus until about the summer of 98 at an Awake America crusade with the Brownsville revival people. That was the beginning of a big change in my life. Praise God!
I don't have a girl friend, but hope that changes sometime soon lol :]
I love modern worship music[I'm sure you haven't noticed that :-)] My favorite worship leader is Lindell Cooley- I also love Delirious?, Tree63, and 6 million other singers and bands.
Well, I think that's enough to say about me for now!

Enjoy the rest of the site!

My favorite songs:

How could I name only one?

My favorite cds:

Open up the Sky
D:tour 97
One Day
Cutting Edge
the list goes on... 

Hallelujah for the Lord Almighty reigns!