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Welcome to my music samples area. I plan on adding more new files soon.

This is a worhsip song that I wrote the lyrics to and Danny Cruel put some tunes to it[and sings it on this file]. It is currently not copyrighted and not finished, but I thought you would enjoy hearing it. When you click the link you will be taken to another page and asked to click another link-just do that and Windows Media player should pop up. I will try to put a more complete version of this song up shortly.

Listen to "Smile Over Me"

Here's a sound clip in desent quality from Jesse Rogers' song "Let Heaven Shout(Broken and Undone)"  The song will more than likely appear on her Out of the Fire album.

Click here for song clip

This song will appear on Mike Motley's Out of the Fire cd, released under the MMI label. Enjoy the clip!

click here to play a clip from the song "I Believe in You" by Mike Motley

"There is a River" is a powerful worship song written by Jesse Rogers, the song is on her brand new studio album and will also be on her "Out of the Fire" cd released by MMI sometime next year. Mike Motley, is singing the song on this clip. [My site builder is only letting me upload small portions of these songs, so you will notice it gets cut-off about 1:08 seconds into the song.]

click here to play a sample clip of "There is a River"